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Check out Spirit Warriors on DeviantART. Chat with the series' creator, artists, and other fans. You'll also find new pictures not yet uploaded to the official website.




Bruce Faulconer
Music Composer of Dragon Ball Z

The work of Bruce Faulconer needs no introduction, his incredible work as the music composer for Dragon Ball Z and countless other shows speaks for itself. We are very honored to have his support and endorsement of Spirit Warriors.

Alan Toh
Comic Illustrator for Episode 1 and 23

Alan is the illustrator of the online comic, and several other pictures on the site. He is extremely talented and has a very unique shading style. There are lots of other fantastic pictures in his gallery that everyone should check out.


Len Barboza



Lennys has illustrated several of the character biographies as well as a few other pictures. She has many talents as an artist, manga writer, and web designer. She also has a terrific gallery that everyone should visit.

Gabriel Polonsky,
Emmy Nominated Animation Director

Gabriel is an Emmy-nominated animation director and did most of the character biographies in addition to illustrations of the story's many settings and locations. Gabriel is very knowledgeable about the industry and is fantastic to work with, everyone should check out the amazing work he's done.