Our Goal


"Spirit Warriors is a fantastic story. I find it compelling, I believe as well that Spirit Warriors will certainly have the potential to be another number one Nielsen rated show. The show's blend of an action/comedy storyline is very compelling and fun to follow."
-Bruce Faulconer, Music Composer of Dragon Ball Z

"I think Spirit Warriors has everything it takes to succeed as an animated series, and I have seen many. The story and cast of characters Jeff created all have depth, diverse personalities and the originality needed to sustain ongoing episodes. As an Emmy nominated animation director, designer and producer, I have worked with many of the top people within the industry. I was extremely impressed with Jeff's professionalism, creativity and vision for this project, and at such a young age! He was on par with any of the other seasoned professionals I have worked with over the past two decades."
-Gabriel Polonsky, Emmy Nominated Animation Director

"Despite the popularity and growth of the series so far, we really haven't even scratched the surface yet. Once we find the right company to produce the series, the popularity will increase one-hundred fold. The animated versions of our fight scenes will be unlike anything people have ever seen."
-Jeff Jubinville, Creator/Writer of Spirit Warriors

Reasons For Success

-Spirit Warriors is an unparalleled action/comedy series, a hybrid that combines the revered Japanese style of drawing and animation with American looking characters. Spirit Warriors is the trailblazer of what will soon become known as American Anime.

-Spirit Warriors was previewed to over 400 kids in Cartoon Network's prime demographic, and received a 98% approval rating from them. The characters and comedy received especially positive feedback.

-Other action shows only have limited comedy in each episode. Spirit Warriors is unique in being just as funny as it is exciting. This versatility has gained Spirit Warriors excellent feedback from the cartoon fan base. In addition, the timing for a martial arts themed show has never been better since martial arts continues to explode with popularity and is also the fastest growing sport world-wide. These two fan bases combined give Spirit Warriors a tremendous audience that simply blows away the competitors.

-Spirit Warriors breaks into demographics that other anime shows simply do not, by maintaining a diverse character roster. Even the most popular anime shows of all time really never had African-Americans or women as leading characters. Spirit Warriors doesn't make that mistake, there is a character for everyone. Due to this we have already received incredible feedback from fans that have literally told us they've been waiting for characters such as Juzan and Breta.