Fan Feedback

Actual Feedback From People Who Have Read Spirit Warriors:


"Spirit Warriors is my absolute favorite comic/manga on DeviantART. It is beautiful, colorful, funny and awesome." 

"I am so impressed with the amount of effort it looks like you guys put into every single page. At first I was a little iffy because I'm not too crazy about fighting manga, but this was just plain awesome, the story line is funny and interesting. There were a couple times where I laughed aloud to myself and got strange looks from my sister...haha. I really want to see this animated, that would be just plain amazing."


"I love DBZ but I think that Spirit Warriors is better."


"I've just seen your manga! And it’s absolutely amazing! I wouldn't be surprised if someone asked you to publish it...then maybe it would have a chance to become an animated series! It's really great!"


"Your comic has everything going for it. Humor, interesting characters, and of course the action. Your writing is just so good and it breathes life into all of the characters. I have nephews and they love stuff like this. I mean I love stuff like this too! What I mean is that people who have kids can sit down and watch something like this with their kids."


"Your comic is premium entertainment, Thumbs UP!"


"You really do have a great talent. I also think it would be awesome if Spirit Warriors was made into a anime, I know I would watch it."


"Hey, I've only read the first couple pages of your comic, and I'm already loving it! This definitely should be made into a TV series or be put into a comic book that peeps can buy just because its that good!"


"This is super cool!!!! Really awesome manga, keep going with this great work!!"


"Wow, I found your series while browsing deviantART and I loved it. It has a great story, art, and sense of humor. I can't wait to see more!"


"Cool characters, very diverse!"


"The comedy is awesome. It's got great humor and I think you should keep it up. The main character is quite cool, decent hair style and all. The part showing him being dumb is funny and makes the character more lovable."


"It looks great, I hope it does become an anime."


"I was really getting into it! I can't wait to see more, I'm really glued to this comic now."


"I really enjoyed your comic, it was very unique."


"Hey, this is actually pretty good! It's got a nice mix of action and comedy!"


"I'm really looking forward to the next part, you're very good at making comics."




"Well I read your first chapter of Spirit Warriors and I have to say it was much better than I expected! It was well written and had just the right amount of humor and action to make it not too serious or not too much of a joke. The art was also very well done. All in all it was very good I give it an A."


"I really like it, it made me laugh."


"Whoooa dude your Spirit Warriors comic is crazy!!! I love the characters and the flow of the comic!"


"Your comic sounds great, if some day it's in store, I'll buy it for sure."


"You are quite ambitious. It has only been the first month and your manga series has blossomed to something that appeals to a wide audience."


"Fantastic!! Really fantastic, I can't wait for continue of the comic."


"The story and art is better than I was expecting. So very awesome. Can't wait for more."


"Well this is brilliant. 100% Original stuff."


"Hello, and your manga is actually really good!!"


"Alright, I finished what you have so far. Gotta say, it didn't take me long because from the first pages it got me into it so I wanted to read more...the story is well written and the art is amazing, almost proffesional-like art. I believe the characters are just perfect to start and interesting story with, and I'd like to see, in the future, that you go "deeper" in each character so that the reader can find himself in one of them. Overall, I enjoyed it and that says a lot because I'm usually really picky about this stuff and don't say things like "its great" or "I like it" very easily. Great job and keep it coming."


"I'm a huge Spirit Warriors fan already."


"Dude, I really like this. The story is great and the art is truly awesome. Breta is really cool, Tino and Lock are hilarious."


"Nice comic ! I'm glad I read it. You have great characters (I love Lock's personality)."


"That was REALLY good. I actually read the whole thing and enjoyed reading it you have a great story going there."


"I hope your series becomes animated soon. I believe it will."


"I love your comic! It's really interesting as well as hilarious!"


"And, I just checked it out and I can't wait to read more of it! And, I hope you get it animated, because I think it would be great!"


"You're really awesome at this.... you need to keep it up I actually want to see more. With most amateur manga that's not the case but you... you rock."


"Cool! ALL your works are 100% pro and consistent."


"I started reading Spirit Warriors and I love it!"


"For being someone who doesn't like the anime style, I found your comic still enjoyable. Keep up the good work and keep throwing humor in!"


"Your comics are awesome! When it becomes an anime I'm so gonna watch it!"


"OMGEE!! I LOOVED your comic!! Please keep up the story! It's very interesting! I truly enjoyed looking through your work! Please keep it up!!"


"Oh wow...I love your series! That's magnificent and you did a wonderful job on the storyline! I hope you keep it up! That's just amazing! I can't believe how well it's done! Good job!"


"Great job! I finished reading the comic and you definitely have something great going on!"


"This is a great starting point for the series! It was very entertaining and it held my interest, which is very good! If a story or subject isn't interesting to me, I usually don't bother with it. At this point, I would have to say I don't have a favorite character yet. It would have to be either Lock, Breta, or Ms. Hancock. I'm still trying to decide. Overall, great job and keep it up!"


"Really awesome and funny! I hope this does get animated."


"I really enjoyed reading it. The character design is very individual and the color looks great! I liked how different each character's personality was and you kept it very entertaining. All I have left to say is I can't wait for the next chapter."


"Hello, man you do an awesome work. I'd love to see this animated."


"Quite interesting!! And I hope it does get turned into a show."


"I am truly digging Spirit warriors. What a great concept!"


"You are extremely talented. Many artists can draw. Not all of them can create iconic characters. You have impressed the heck out of me."


"Hey I started reading the Spirit Warriors online.... pretty cool! My son really enjoyed it also! Looks like you have a fan."


"Awesome work man, seriously, I'd consider myself a fan of Spirit Warriors."


"I enjoyed reading it, I like how the main character isn't so clever, it's kinda different from all those other stories, and it's very funny. I think it's very good, and I love the funny parts, I look forward to reading the next episodes."


"I've just read through the fist episode and loved it! The writing is awesome, really, really funny."


"As soon as it's out tell me so that I can watch some awesome anime!"


"These characters are very cool looking, I like how you have such a wide range of facial features and body types, good color choices too!"


"This looks rather nifty actually. I can see already that the art is absolutely gorgeous and the character designs look awesome."


"I've just started reading Spirit Warriors, so far, I am loving it. I can't wait to read more!"


"Wow! I hope it gets animated! I would totally watch it, even though I don't like anime that much!"


"Although I haven't read all of your comics already I can tell you that they have premise, potential. The characters are varied, they do not repeat themselves. The comedy input is valued, it relieves your mind because of all those serious topics going around. Pictures are also very well done, as is of course the writing. Great series, hope you'll get far with it."


"I read the 1st chapter hope you guys will keep making this story it's really funny!!" 


"The action is outstanding. Great job."


"OMG!! I love it so far, it's got the action and comedy. The coloring and overall art is amazing, I don't see anything wrong with it, it's totally epic, keep it up!"


"I love Spirit Warriors!"


"I just finished episode 1, and it was awesome! The comedy was especially good. The art also, is also good. I'll read the next episodes for later! Keep up the good work and I hope this will be turned into an animated series!" 


"Wow I am in awe. It looks like something from T.V.; impressive." 


"Love your work on Spirit Warriors!!!"


"Spirit Warriors is pretty engaging right from the start. You had a succinct backstory, decent action, and some silly humor right from the start! I'm at page 24. Keep up the good work."


"Hello I just wanted to say how much I enjoy looking at your art for the Spirit Warriors."


"Great idea. Genius. I love it."


"This was really fun to read! I love how the main character's an idiot. Especially when he compares the teacher's head to a turkey. And the fighting scenes are brilliant!"


"You brought us Spirit Warriors, and I really wished it will become an animated series. Awesome comic."


"I have not read all but it is very great! Mrs. Hancock and Tino are the best. The idea is really good and maybe I can see it in tv!"


"So far Lock and Juzan are pretty cool there probably gonna be my favorites in the long run, but the other characters might grow on me a bit more too...and so far I think I more generally like it, cause it's pretty funny, I feel bad for Tino tho even if he's the one I think gets in the funniest situations."


"Love the humor used, well done! Can't wait till it's animated."


"I read some of the SpiritWarriors ep. 1. comic thing. I didn't get to read it all yet but it's so cool! Both the coloring and the story. Oh, before you ask, Tino is my favorite. (So cute!!) He reminds me of my best friend, Kevin. I might draw Tino later if I have time!"


"I hope you will make it! Then I'll definitely watch your anime!!!!"


"I just finished episode 1. It was hilarious! I actually laughed aloud a few times. I even picked a favorite character already. Good job on that!"


"I love the scripts, can't wait till I see the visual part of em. I'm currently trying to figure out how to put them onto my ipod so I can read it while away from computer but ipod is being dodgy."


"I totally love it, Jeff, the dialogues are extremely fun."


"Exellent drawings, love the colors, good variation in shots, and incredibly exciting! Every single of the pages made me want to read more, so GREAT WORK!"


"This is hilarious! I really love it, and everything stays completely true to the characters. Their personalities are so diverse and I adore that!"


"Spirit Warriors is written well and is visibly attractive. I would be baffled if anyone turned Spirit Warriors away, considering what they DO have on tv nowadays."


"I hope you get an animation deal! You totally deserve it!"


"I love this manga, you're a very amazing writer."


"If it'll be made into a tv series. I would watch it!"


"This is like the first comic/manga I've gotten really into and can't really find one similar."


"I can already imagine this as a tv show."


"Hey just read your comic...AWSOME! Nice story, great graphics, and all the funny parts were so random I had to laugh at it all! You got talent! Once I feel more confident I'd love to work with you. You can write a story."


"Wow, its awesome!! Great storyline and art!! It has a lot of chances to be an anime."


"I can't believe you don't already have an animation contract. Your work looks so pro."


"Don't normally read much, nor do I really like comics. But I did read all of yours page by page, when is the next one going to be done? Nice plot very catchy."


"Hello! I read all your first episode of your manga and I'm giving you my feedback. First of all, I loved it, really.

The story: The story is very awesome and original. I really hope that Lock will find his father one day. The reason why his father disappeared is still unknown and it gives to the readers to little suspense thing and keep it right your manga. Well, that was my reaction.

The characters: The characters are very well developed, both have very different personalities, which is great. I really like them all. Lock is soooo funny. He always make me laugh especially when he said that the teacher's hair reminds him of a turkey. I really like Breta, she is a really cool female character, strong and beautiful. I really like that kind of female characters. Tino is very cool. A strong nerd. He's got some skill with a calculator, especially for hitting people with it. Juzan is the guy who wants every girl...very funny, these characters are always funny. Like I said, each character are lovely. 

I'll see more of your manga later on, I promise, because I really want to see more of your manga. You really have talent, dear. Keep it up."


"I really enjoyed Spirit Warriors. Wow, it would be sooo amazing as an anime! I wish the best to you and good luck."


"I really think it's a good comic. I'll buy it if I see it in a shop."


"I really liked it. The story was simple but very clear, the characters all have their own unique personalities. The story was really funny but it also had a seriousness to it. When the characters were fighting I thought it was great you added the lines. It really adds to the movement and makes the scene much more action-packed. Overall, I think this is a great comic. Who knows? It may be a bestseller in the future. Well done! I enjoyed it!"


"If you turn your series into anime movies I will watch them, it seems awesome."


"I love it!!!! I'd have to say my face characters are...Tino, and I'm not sure why I just love his character! Lock, I love his slightly-idiotic nature, and Ms.Hancock! She puts the Grrrr in Girl Power!"


Your comics does have a balance of both action and comedy. Its very cleverly written, I kinda had to wrap my head around how the concept was constructed for situations. Gotta love it when plots aren't so predictable. Brilliant."


This is looking to be a VERY promising anime! I like how your manga characters are so funny in how they act, especially your character Lock when he acts immature."


"Spirit Warriors is very cool, it inspired me to get my ideas on paper, keep it up."


"I only read until script episode 12, but I'm going to read more today. To be honest with you, at first I thought it was going to be just some kids mumbo jumbo, really didn't expect this! I love the humor and I like the relationship between Musa and Ms Hancock, it would have been quite annoying if they didn't get along like that and not make fun of the Headmaster. Oh, and I love the headmaster. I also like the fact that Juzan started growing up a bit and that he isn't so tense with Lock. It would've been unnatural otherwise. What can I say? It has a lot more potential then the new Amazing Spiderman or Iron Man, for example. I am a writer myself, so take it from me: Your scripts are good. I think: Great actually! I could really see an awesome show coming out of these. It's pleasant to read one episode after another. I am terribly interested in this project and I wish you all the best."


"It looks like Spirit Warriors would translate very well into an anime!"


"I LOVE SPIRIT WARRIORS!!! I hope its on adult swim someday."


"I have just discovered Spirit Warriors but I am already loving it, it reminds me of the great cartoons I used too to watch when I was a kid and trying to create now beacuse most of the stuff out now is brain dead crap, I would definitely watch this on TV."


"What I read of Spirit Warriors was VERY VERY good."


"I read all the episodes and I love Spirit Warriors. I want more!!"


"It's a good comic. It has potential to birth it's own anime series. That would be cool."


"I would love to see this on tv! I hope you get a deal."


"Spirit Warriors is very good. I was soo sad when I went to the end of the completed pages. I thought the story was thorough and the art work had really good graphics. . .Very exceptional work-mann i sound older than 16 right now-

I thought it was inspirational, and made me want to countinue my manga (i stopped drawing it last week by hand).  My favorite character was definately the poor, poor nerd lol. . .I thought it was enchanting, and breath taking. . .Mannn, I'm such an art + book geek. . .I cant wait for more!!! It pleased me."


"I'm not one to really read comics or manga, but your comic is awesome, easy to read and has a good storyline, and made me hooked. Keep up the good work.:"


"Your idea is very original, cool, and funny. I think your characters are real cool with a story to match. Hope to see more in the future."


"I like Spirit Warriors. I'm anxious for the anime."


"I know Spirit Warriors would definitely be a show I would catch on TV."


"Awesome stuff man, I'm adding you to my watch list, I've started a comic project too and your style has given me a ton of inspiration."


"I'd love to see Spirit Warriors on TV!"


"I have to say that I like the comedy in this! But I'm not saying I don't like the action! I just like the comedy a lot in Spirit Warriors!"


"So funny! You're such an amazing writer."


"Hi, I've only had time to read chapter or episode 1. Really good, I love the art. Makes me want to do some fanart of it. Keep up the good job you guys. Count me in for your fanbase."


"Overall, I liked this comic. It was a nice balance of action and comedy, and some of the characters and situations were quite amusing. I think it has a lot of potential though as it kept me interested until the end."


"Spirit Warriors is amazing, the action, the comedy, the plot and the art. Hopefully it will be turned into a TV show soon."


"Its great actually. Good writing, good art, your art style is very fluid and conveys the movements your making very well. Its spot on genius my man!"


"I liked the main character Lock! Clumsy and has a spiky hair! That's my type of guys! Nerdy guys are not my type but Tino is just adorable! He is the funniest! This comic was so funny! You are great with comedy!!! I even enjoyed the other stuff!!! I would LOVE to see it animated!"


"How cool! I don't watch tv much anymore, but I wouldn't mind watching Spirit Warriors."


"You're manga is amazing. It made me giggle. Great jokes in there. I love the old headmaster. He makes me laugh everytime. Amazing job! I'm a huge fan for real. I'm hooked! I'd love to see it made into an would be epic! I'm supporting ya all the way!"


"I would love to see more of your comic, I have been reading the scripts and I'm really amazed, you're awesome."


"Just keep up the awesome work! I like how the series is coming out! Who knows, your show could be the next Naruto."


"I do say, at first I though Spirit Warriors was going to be something like everything else, but its interesting. Well keep it up, it may get publication one day."


"I love it. It's very entertaining and I do hope that you can turn it into a TV show. I wound watch every episode!"


"Reading Spirit Warriors was cool. It's like a parody for every martial arts series out there, but it's more original. Lots of funny jokes and interesting ideas and I loved the detail. Nice!"


"All I can say is MORE PLEASE!! You have a nice way of making jokes on the obsessive martial arts craze of anime with out being offensive and carrying over an interesting plot idea. Hope you find a studio or something that will make it into a tv show! If not you should at least go through with the comic. I'd buy it!

It's so hard to pick a favorite character! I mean you have the idiot (which is hilarious! I'm a long time Futurama fan and Lock's just like Fry) you have the kick butt blonde (cheers to feminists everywhere) then you have the nerd with the sense of humor (LOVED how he won his match). Then you have the crazy old fart and the grouchy witch! (the combo of them is awesome) Who CAN I pick?! But a short list ends in a tie between Lock and Ms. Hancock (did I spell that right?) with Tino brining in a close second (just for the calculator joke)."


"I never heard of this comic until now! I love it! I'll read more of course! I usually comment at the end of my reading. So, yeah. Awesome kick ass manga!"


"Your manga is insanely good! I'm really impressed by it all! Keep up the hard work and I can't wait to see more!!!"


"I was wondering if Spirit Warriors WAS already a show! I'd love to watch it on TV!"


"I love your comic so much, but all I've read is the one online...Where do you think I can get it? Is it only sold online, or in comic stores as well? Don't ever stop making it!

(I know these questions are probably obvious, but I'm just making sure before I force my brother to drive me to the nearest comic store)."


"I REALLY want your comics to be in anime TV."


"I hope you guys can find someone to animate it for you. I'd watch it."


"Hi ya. Just found your site and I like where its going. Your art is first class, characters are well developed and I love your humour. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more."


"This is the first time that I see a perfect and great project in amerimanga style!!! I think that Ms. Hancock must have a comic!!!.

For me she is the principal character!!."


"Your comics are just so awesome it just makes me lose my mind. You know that your work is the best, heck someday you'll be very famous, I might see u on TV."


"Alrighty, I read the first episode. I'll be honest...I'm impressed! I expected this to be some sort of serious dragonball Z-type deal, but it's actually much different than that! In the action scenes, it was fantastic! Anyways, congratulations on all the work you must've put into this. I like it, and I think I'll read another episode today."


"Reading Spirit Warriors has been really nice!!!! You have a really talent to write, I would like this manga to be animated."


"I'm not a passionate comic-reader, but what kept me going on this one was the humor and that you skillfully broke some cliches (for example the schoolmaster) while still keeping the martial-arts-school-setup serious enough to develop a story."


"Two words: It's funny."


"This would definitely make an epic anime!"


"This is really great so far! I hope it gets animated - it seems to have the right stuff! The story is really interesting, I can't wait for more."


"The art combined with the writing and coloring really strikes me with this comic. Like, it's not like any old comic on Deviantart. It's GOOD."


"DUDE this is awesome! You ever think about running it in print or anything?"


"Not too shabby of a manga, considering I don't read much in the way of fighting mangas. The story seems to fit well, and the characters are amazing. I myself am personally a big fan of the Head Master. He was quite amusing. I think you have something here. I'm sure many fans of the fighting genre manga will enjoy this project for sure!"


"So far I really like it. I don't usually do Shounen but Spirit Warriors is a good one."


"Finished Reading! It's Very Good Mate. Cool Fighting Moves And Its Funny Which Is Always Good, Love To See Episode 2 And Onwards With Character Development And So On. Therefore If It Becomes A TV Show I Would Be Watching It For Sure."


"Spirit Warriors is all incredible work."


"Spirit Warriors is addictive. It's really REALLY great man. Good job for sure."


"I like the moments where something unexpected happens and it's hilarious:

-Episode 1:

You lead into the episode by letting us know Lock is a good fighter. Then Musa thinking that Lock's "focus" during Breta's fight is because hes coming up with "strategies" while he's really just looking at a teacher's turkey hair.

Tino doing all these nerdy calculations on being his opponent and then just throwing his calculator at him to win.

Lock & Juzan being roomies. Good way to end Episode 1.

-Episode 23:

The announcers with their accidently on air comments.

Ms. Hancock kicking over Drakon Senior with ease after he threatens with his "true power". Until that shot you don't see exactly how much height she has on him.


Overall I'd say Breta is my fav character. She cute, she doesn't care the boys think so, and she's a skilled fighter that's very underestimated. I'm also a girl, so I'm biased.

Then Lock. You can't help but care about him because of his father's back story.

Then Tino because of his comic relief."


"I love your style of comic art, it's very refreshing and clear. I'm really enjoying Spirit Warriors so far."


"You should do this thing to tv! Seriously! I would enjoy it so much!!!!!"


"I hope you can manage to get Spirit Warriors animated!!"


"I hope to see you on TV!!!! I imagine you on Cartoon Network!"


"Gotta love the pure, "simple mindedness" shall I say, of Lock and the whole attitude of Breta. Also I think I shall add, that I don't normally read this sorta stuff- but I really enjoyed this."


"I read the first episode and I think its AWESOMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I like Breta and Ms. Hancock. I think you developed the characters and story very well."


"I think Spirit Warriors would make an excellent TV series, I especially love the art work. Your comic inspired me to create a fan logo for it!"


"I've never been into OC works, but I gotta admit that your work is excellent. Keep it up!"


"I really like this. It would be epic to see this become a tv show or something one day."


"The more I read this...I really want it to become a show!"


"Nice one! Keep it up. I LOVE your comedy!!! I really wish I'll get to watch Spirit Warriors once it get animated!!!"


"This would be perfect for a tv show. You've got interesting characters, humor, and great writing."


"First few pages and I already like this comic, great job with this!"


"I think you've got a cliche story there, but with some specials and that makes the story good. It is funny, interesting drawn and I like it this way. I'd say my favorite characters are Breta and Lock. All in all I love the refreshing jokes in your story, for example 'I bet Lock is thinking about what to do with his opponent' [or however] 'The teachers had looks like a turkey!' Wow, I had to laugh really, really bad. Great Job, guys."


"Spirit Warriors is totally amazing do you do it ALL by your self?"


"It'd be really amazing if Spirit Warriors did get on TV, I'd watch it every time it's on. I love when 'bad things' happen to Tino! Especially the beginning, that was hilarious. My favorite characters would have to be Breta, Miss Hancock, Lock and Tino. I find it hilarious whenever Breta whacks Lock whenever he says something silly."


"I read several of your scripts for Spirit Warriors on your website man. Really great stuff. You're a really good writer."


"If your series ever becomes an anime, I'll be the first to buy the entire box-set. It's awesome!"


"Best of wishes becoming a TV series! I could see that happening, sounds very likely from what I have seen."


"This series deserves such praise, I could see it being quite iconic some day, hopefully."


"You will get on tv it has to happen. I mean Spirit Warriors is just too good to pass up."


"I'm a big fan of Spirit Warriors, I still would want to see it in anime."


"Looks like a pretty solid manga. If it gets turned into an anime, I'd watch it. All you need is even more advertisement. I've never heard of Spirit Warriors outside of DeviantArt but try posting on Tokyopop if you haven't already. I'm rooting for ya buddy!"


"I could totally see this on Cartoon Network or maybe Adult Swim."


"I like Spirit Warriors I'm not really into fighting manga but I love your art work and the story is up there too its real good."


"I really would love to see this as a cartoon like right now. I can already imagine it as one. You have everything going for it. If this many people on DeviantArt love your comic I can only imagine what it would do to another audience. I think that it's something that both kids and adults can enjoy. I'll do what I can to spread the word about Spirit Warriors."


"I've read all of the comics and the characters you have are likable, funny, and have different personalities. Cartoon Network has disappointed me over the years and most of their actual cartoons lack any real imagination anymore. Flapjack is a perfect example of this. The art style is cool, but it's basically a show about nothing and I could name several others that are just like that. Spirit Warriors has that DBZ feel to it mashed together with humor and action."


"I think that someone will take notice soon. I feel like it will happen for you soon. This comic is just too good to pass up and I don't think it will go unnoticed for too long."


"I wish all the best to you and hope to see Spirit Warriors on tv soon, because we need more entertaining cartoons than what's currently out there."


"It looks nice, damn you should try to get it serialized with a comic publisher like DARKHORSE... Awesome work!"


"I hope this series makes it, it's nice; sure will watch it... And recommend to my kids if I ever have any, lol."


"So cool. I really do think it'll be on tv one day! I know it'll be better then dragon ball Z!"


"You need to send Spirit Warriors to a channel and maybe they will make it as an anime."


"So cool. Here I am reading other people's comics and I still have five pages to finish for this and last week for my own. That's good writing for ya."


"WOW how amazing man, you ever thought of selling your stuff? I will buy them there AMAZING, God Bless!"


"A great first episode! I like it, I'd definitely watch this series if it were ever animated, I had my doubts before I saw episode 1 but now it's decided! Heck this could end up as one of my favorites."


"Spirit Warriors is good writing and art. Wish I had skills like that."


"I loved your manga! Its funny and well thought out. I especcially like Tino he makes me laugh."


"Look forward to seeing more of your Spirit Warriors comics. I've told my friends about your comic as well and they all think it should be a tv show too. I hope your fan base grows and grows. Please continue the great work of your Spirit Warriors comics."


"Spirit Warriors has comedy, action, and interesting characters. I mean honestly I'm not just saying this, but I really do like all of the characters there's not one I don't like. I just like Juzan as my fav, but all of them have their own personalities and it shows in the comics. This as a tv show would be perfect. You can do so much more with voices and so on. The artist captures the action very well in each of pages. The writing is always great and on point."


"Hey, man I'm just being honest with you. My brother and I are very interested in good cartoons and I think Spirit Warriors is perfect for one. We'd always talk about the different cartoons that were on the air and would get annoyed that some cartoons...well aren't even cartoons on CN anymore."


"I read the first episode and it was awesome, this makes my favorite 3 manga. Of-course the first is Naruto Shippuden and second being Bleach, but Spirit Warriors is definitely number 3."


"The work looks really professional, and it defiantly needs to be animated. It would be really awesome."


"Spirit Warriors is really good! Lock and the headmaster are so funny! Breta straights up kick butts, and Tino well... all I can say is I hope God begins to love him soon. But so far I really like it! Its super hilarious and very interesting. Great Story!"


"Hopefully, your fans will be able to spread the word, and then more people will start to like your comic/future-to-be-animation, and Spirit Warriors will become really famous like other comics/manga these days."


"This is a really good comic! I love it and can't wait to read more, and I would so watch it!!"


"I hope Spirit Warriors becomes an anime. I'll try to help the very best I can."


"Wow!! Well, you got a fan here, btw, you should publish a manga!! I swear I'd buy it. Also, the anime would be EPIC!! Good luck with that, it's totally possible."


"Action & Comedy, All Great Here!!!"


"I like all of your characters! They re all unique! And the moments and the plot are awesome!!! I don't know which or who is my favorite because everything are awesome!!!"


"If Spirit Warriors were made into an anime, I would recommend it to everyone I'd meet. Seriously! I know this sounds like, rabid-fangirl-gibberish that sounds all cheesy and stuff, but I think its full of awesomeness and totally deserved to be made into an anime! I'd watch it all the time."


"All of this is original work right? Not fan manga/comic? Because if that's the case then this is some of the best original comic/manga I have seen on here. You and your artist both do a really good job with this stuff!"


"Oh, I like your comic! I'm a Tino-fan. He is so cute!"


"It's really interesting and I love the fight scenes and the bits of humor that lighten up the mood. Action + Comedy  I can't wait to read more!"


"I read episode one and most of twenty three. It was definitely amazing; I rarely see good action scenes like the ones you had and the jokes weren't corny. I actually laughed at a few of them and my sister thought I was crazy, it was overall incredible. Can't wait to see more of your work, too!!"


"Hey great first episode. I can easily see a story like this into a television show! Hope it happens!"


"Thank you for creating this! It totally brightened up my day!"


"Omigosh I love this!!! I'm gonna keep reading, definitely! Can I do a fanart of Breta? I'll credit you of course."


"You have become part of my definite watch list. You guys have some awesome ideas and I think you guys should both do something about it! Like tv or actual publishing the series...I would buy it."


"I seriously love reading Spirit Warriors! Ah~ Action mixed with some humor is the best combination!"


"Well, I've finished episode 1, and so far I really like Breta! But all the characters are a good mix of humor, fun and good friendship. Can't wait to start the next episode!"


"I'm checking Spirit Warriors out now! And it's gorgeous! The plot and Story is AMAZING! And the art is so AWESOME! OMG! I'm a FAN NOW!! I'm really liking this!! I'm on episode 1 page 9 so far."


"I love how your pictures are kinda a mix of anime and cartoon... it's cool."


"Goodness...I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Great job on the drawing and the script."


"I think Spirit Warriors would be really cool as a TV series. And so far I really like Lock's character. And as a fellow nerd, I think Tino is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to reading more about Juzan as well. Ms. Hancock is pretty kickass too I pretty much like all of the characters so far!"


"The jokes in this series are really well put in, and there not the type of corny jokes that you HAVE TO laugh with cuz they're actually funny. That's what I like about it as well. It can keep a good solid action story while having good humor that doesn't take away from the action bits and makes the story's mood seem less over-serious."


"I'm a big fan of new cartoons and good luck to ya I would watch Spirit Warriors on TV."


"Hey I've been reading from page one, and I have to say apart from the art being awesome to fit the different characters, the amount of comedy put into it is amusing. I love it. I just want to see how it all plays out."


"Episode 1 was really good for the introduction of your characters. You get to see a sneak peek of their different personalities and see how they mix with each other and its where the story takes off. Lovely job."


"I started reading your manga (and I have to add that I don't really like to read mangas) and I was laughing my butt off at the school reading it. Your manga is really funny."


"I wish there was more Spirit Warriors!!! How could you rope me in like that and only give me chapter 1 and 23?"


"Nice! I shall buy both the book and DVDs in the future and of course buy the shirts if I could."


"I got to admit. Among all the online Comics or Manga I have read in DeviantArt, I would like to say I find yours #1. I'm looking forward to see episode 2."


"I am hoping your Spirit Warriors series get to be an actual Anime one day."


"Your works are always a joy to read! You were the one who inspired me!"


"I did enjoy the episode. This comic really did receive a great amount of TLC and the extra effort shows, must say that I'm impressed and I do hope that Spirit Warriors gets animated like it deserves."


"I can see why you're popular. Spirit Warriors is really interesting and funny I mean damn it's hard not to be a fan. I'm reading it right now."


"Dude if your thinking about animating it let me know man LET ME KNOW."


"Compared to most of the new "cartoons" on CN at least Spirit Warriors is by far better and its actually a cartoon, or would be, unlike half of the new lineup."


"Thank you for making female characters that can actually fight!! I get bored of the man ego action manga's, however this is very comical and has some kick ass scenes in it. I would be willing to watch it if you get it animated."


"Spirit Warriors is an awesome comic. It really does seem like both of you put in A LOT of effort. Into the characters, and the art."


"Spirit Warriors would be something worth getting up in the morning for, not like the crap they show now (bakugan and beyblades)."


"Awesome story and art this is actually one of the very few manga I've read through but its better than the other one I read."


"I LOVE your manga, awesome, I'm looking forward to the next page I cant wait."


"Good luck with Spirit Warriors. I wish you all the best and I'd love to see it on tv (get it played in Australia)."


"I hope you're able to find someone to animate Spirit Warriors. That would be awesome. You've worked so hard. Keep it up!"


"I'm sure you get this all the time but what an amazing gallery you have! I Love your comics as well! Hehe, they really made me smile!"


"I think Spirit Warriors is all good! Though, if I may say so, it does remind me an awful lot of Naruto...but funnier."


"I swear, Spirit Warriors will be HUGE in no time, you'll see people in the streets cosplaying as your characters, you'll make fortunes on commercials! You have a head start."


"May this actually be a show one day because it would be awesome!"


"Spirit Warriors are funny comics, and I want to read every single one! Thank you for allowing me the pleasure to read them!"


"I actually like the direction of the comic thus far and I can see the potential and humor in this comic. If this were really animated, it'd just shine!"