Jan 23, 2018

Welcome to the Spirit Warriors blog!

An Introduction For New Fans And Old


Welcome to the Spirit Warriors™ blog! My name is Jeff Jubinville; I’m the creator and writer of the Spirit Warriors™ comics. This blog will give fans and viewers a behind the scenes experience showcasing how the series was created, and hopefully providing tips and advice to aspiring comic creators. The blog entries will cover everything from developing a story, character designs, writing dialogues, growing a fan base, and more. Blog viewers are also free to send me questions if they want more detail about a certain topic or want to request that I discuss another aspect of the comic. 

For those new to Spirit Warriors™, it’s a martial arts action/comedy story that focuses on four unique characters as they learn incredible martial arts techniques at a fantastical academy. Even with only two comics completed, Spirit Warriors™ has over one million views online and thousands of subscribers. In addition, the series has been praised by Bruce Faulconer, music composer of the iconic anime series Dragon Ball Z, and Emmy-nominated animation director Gabriel Polonsky. I was also awarded the Harold Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Award for my work developing Spirit Warriors™. Spirit Warriors™ has also drawn interest from Cartoon Network as a potential TV series, and I’ll share my experiences (the ups and downs) from three pitch meetings. 

Next week I’ll be discussing the very beginning, how Spirit Warriors™ was created and going over tips for creating your own series. Thanks for reading this and if you’re interested, please send me questions or feedback (

Best Wishes,