Jan 25, 2018

Analysis: Finding Useful Advice Online

A Review Of Two Articles About Creating Comics.


Starting a comic can seem like an overwhelming task for an aspiring series creator, many people who wish to get into the industry need to know where to begin. The vast majority of people looking to enter the industry will have no connections, and instead will look to online advice to get started. The Internet has always been a great resource for learning something new, however, the sheer amount of content can be difficult to navigate. 

I recently read two articles (cited at the bottom of this blog) about starting off in the comic industry. Unfortunately, I noticed two trends with “advice articles”. The vast majority of the authors’ advice were either vague, or a cheap plug for something they were selling. Two examples illustrating (no pun intended) this point: In the article “The 8 Step Guide to Creating and Publishing Your Own Comic Book”, the author’s first step is “start with an idea”. Not only is that unnecessarily obvious, it doesn’t tell the viewer how to come up with an idea, or what makes an idea compelling. The second example, from the article “Want to Start a Webcomic? Here’s the Best Advice Around”, very early in the article they advertise a few books to buy for more in depth advice. If I were looking to create my own series, both of these articles would have left me without specifics and probably no closer to entering the industry.

I’ll keep searching for articles that do contain actual helpful information, and I’ll add their links to this page if I find any.


“The 8 Step Guide to Creating and Publishing Your Own Comic Book”

“Want to Start a Webcomic? Here’s the Best Advice Around”


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