Jan 31, 2018

How To Create Your Own Series

How I Came Up With The Idea For Spirit Warriors, And Tips For Creating Your Own Series.


The first topic I’m going to discuss is how to create and develop your own comic/manga series. This can also apply to someone looking to create their own TV series or movie too. I’ve heard “experts” give all kinds of advice on where to begin, some say start with a great ending and write backwards, while others say develop a strong cast of characters then build off that. The truth is, there is no perfect starting point, all of us have different writing styles and what works for one person may not work for another. So with that being said, here’s my advice for deciding what your series is going to be about:

Write about something you love. I created the idea for Spirit Warriors because I love martial arts, and that was the starting point for the series. Choosing a topic you love is especially important if you’re hoping to write a continuing series, as you won’t get burned out after just a couple chapters. It’s also worth pointing out that if possible, try to pick a topic that you love and will be exciting to the audience. I love basketball, but honestly if I tried to write a comic series about that, it just wouldn’t be as exciting as a series with martial arts fights.

Once you have your topic, now you need to determine how it’s going to be a part of your series. I wanted Spirit Warriors to be about a cast of characters training and fighting in martial arts, but I also wanted the characters to have relatable situations to the viewers. The original idea for Spirit Warriors was to have the main characters in a normal academic school, and then after class they would train martial arts at a dojo or gym outside of the school. However, I quickly realized that the regular school scenes would lack any real tension and excitement, so I decided to combine the school and martial arts into one. Having the characters in a martial arts academy gave me the ability to write relatable school scenes, while also keeping the martial arts theme in the forefront of the story. Once I determined the characters would learn in a martial arts academy, the next logical step was to create a rival school the main characters could face off against. That’s the core concept of Spirit Warriors.

Hopefully that’s helpful for anyone looking for a starting place for their own series. Next week I’ll go over how to create your main characters, everything from their appearance, personality, names, and more. Thanks for reading this and if you’re interested, please send me questions or feedback (

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