Mar 9, 2018

Special Interview Blog

An interview with a special small business owner.


This blog will be a special edition. I’m interviewing my father, Cary Jubinville, who owns Jubinville Insurance, a small business. We’ll be discussing how to grow a small business and market yourself to larger companies, which directly relates to creating your own series and presenting it to networks. His advice should be very helpful and informative for everyone who reads this blog.

Jeff: Introduce yourself, your name, and job title.

Cary: Cary R. Jubinville, President of The Jubinville Insurance Group

Jeff: Describe what your business does.

Cary: The Jubinville Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency based in South Hadley MA which provides principally property & casualty insurance to personal clients and business clients. Our task is to assess the risk exposures faced by the client and design an individually tailored insurance program. We then proceed to develop pricing from the insurance companies we represent and present the various results with options to the client. We provide ancillary client services which include billing payment oversight as well as claim service coordination and Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle service.

Jeff: What's it like running a small business?

Cary: Running a small business requires being involved in everything: Financial Management, Personnel Management, Salary & Benefits, Sales, Professional Development, Physical Plant &  IT Equipment Stewardship and importantly, Esprit de corps.

Jeff: What challenges do small businesses face?

Cary: Small businesses are faced with all of the challenges inherent in operating as noted in #3. Small businesses are in competition with firms of their own size and with much larger companies with significant resource advantages. There are external market forces which continually buffet the ability to retain and attract clients. New national competitors, larger localized, specialized competitors may enter into

our marketplace seeking to gain market share. So there is a constant push and pull with vigilance needed to maintain and grow the firm’s revenue base. There are also potential regulatory effects from

State and Federal rulings which require compliance and ultimately expense.

Jeff: Do small businesses have any advantages?

Cary: Small businesses have some advantages. I think we are more nimble and quicker to be able to act, or react to all changes which come our way. We should be able to move into or out of a certain market promptly once we have made a decision. We are local and therefore closer to our clients. We know our clients personally, which allows us to make individual decisions on their specific situations with no chain of corporate interference. We are active in our local communities and support various “good works” by local organizations. 

Jeff: Do you use social media as part of your business?

Cary: We are not currently actively using social media. We do have a web site for client support and claim reporting direction.

Jeff: What's it like when you pitch or present an idea to a larger company or a potential client?

Cary: Well, presenting a proposal to a potential new client, either individual or business is always coupled with optimism for a favorable outcome plus anxiety along the way. If the work in preparation for the meeting is thorough, and it cannot be otherwise, then confidence is part of the presentation. I think it is very important to be an excellent listener, to be able to hear what the potential client is saying, what is important to them and react with how your program will meet and exceed their expressed expectations.

Jeff: Why is a strong work ethic important for running a business?

Cary: A strong work ethic is important because there are always ups and downs, therefore consistency, stick-to-itiveness is key. Be on time (early), be prepared, be engaged, do more than is required, and keep going. Success comes through hard, effective work. Someone once observed something along these lines, ‘the harder I worked, the luckier I got”.  Perseverance and Perspiration with Inspiration will  equal success.

Jeff: Any message about small businesses you'd like to give the readers?

Cary: Do Not be Afraid. You can do it. Keep trying. Hire the best people you are able to, they will become your biggest asset and allow you to achieve the most success.  

            A very special thanks to Cary Jubinville for the interview, I think his advice is very beneficial. I also want to thank all the fans who read this blog, I look forward to keeping in contact with you all. Please feel free to  email me at

Best Wishes,